Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute – October

his institute addresses the following guiding questions:

What are the five core concepts of change literacy, and how should instructional coaches address those concepts during coaching?
What are the partnership principles, and how should coaches use them to guide their interactions?
What is the Impact Cycle, and how should it be employed by coaches in partnership with teachers to set goals and identify teaching strategies to hit goals, to ensure teachers understand new teaching strategies, and to provide support until teachers hit the identified goals?
What are PEERS goals, how are they different from SMART goals, and how should they be used to guide coaching?
Why is video recording an essential part of instructional coaching, and what can coaches do to dramatically decrease teacher resistance to video recording their lessons?
What data should instructional coaches gather to help teachers set goals and to monitor progress toward goals?
What is an instructional playbook, and which high-impact teaching strategies should be a part of any playbook?  Find consumer show at Event Xray.


Author: eventxray

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