APSCU Annual Conference 2016 – Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities

Aligning the Future brings together attendees from across higher education for the opportunity to engage with experts on the challenges of today and build on the prospects of the future. Higher education with a career focus is the best opportunity millions of Americans have at joining the middle class and it is the responsibility of our sector to help those students connect to their future. All of higher education is under increasing challenges and scrutiny – learn from speakers with experience in business, regulation, program development, student engagement, and career services and placement, about how your institution can meet the challenges of today and connect to the future.

Exhibitor Information:

Imagine some of the most inspiring and provocative thought leaders today—ranging from various fields in post secondary education, government, business, and economics—gathered in one place for three days. Education at the convention will outline for attendees the action they need to succeed as a post secondary education professional. Attendees will leave with tangible ideas to take back to their institutions and organizations that will help drive thought to action. Exhibit at the 2016 convention and be a resource for attendees.


Author: eventxray

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