Tradeshow or Conference in Manhattan? – Event Xray

Walking the floor at a trade show or attending seminars all day long can be fatiguing. Unless there is an event-related social activity at day’s end, you may want to do nothing more than return to your hotel and call room service. But if are in you need of rejuvination, amble north from the Javits Center to the Signature Theater on 42nd Street.

“Two Hats”, starring Bill Irwin and David Shiner, will keep you laughing out loud for two hours – not chuckling – but roaring with laughter. This with nary a four-letter word, or any words, for that matter. There is also some very good music between scenes provided by Shaina Taub and her band.  Truly, there is never a dull moment in this show.

Not only is “Two Hats” uproarious fun, but the Signature Theater is pretty special, too. Not a bad seat in the house (unlike some of the newer broadway theaters where you may be a football field away from the stage) and the seats are comfortable (unlike the cramped seats in most older Broadway theaters) and where, unbelievably, beer and wine can be purchased for $5-$7 (that gets you a small bottle of water at most theaters).

If all this appeals to you, don’t tarry. The final performance of “Old Hats” will be on April 3rd.


Author: eventxray

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